"Cave leonem cruciatum"
Flight Lieutenant Flashheart
RAF Wings
Order of the British Empire Africa Star Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal Commemorative War Medal
Stalingrad Campaign Murmansk Campaign
Service Record
Pilot Officer 2/5/2006 Joined the European Air Force
Pilot Officer 23/6/2006 Accepted as Pilot Officer
Flying Officer 5/1/2008 Promoted to Flying Officer
Flight Lieutenant 24/6/2010 Promoted to Flight Lieutenant
Africa Star 7/1/2010 Awarded Africa Star for participating in Libya and/or CentMed SEOW
OBE 23/6/2011 Awarded M.B.E for 5 years of duty
Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal 18/9/2012 Awarded the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal for participating in the Marianas Campaign
Commemorative War Medal 18/1/2013 Awarded the Commemorative War Medal 1940-41 for participating in the Crete Campaign
Defence of Stalingrad 9/5/2013 Awarded the Defence of Stalingrad Medal for participating in the Stalingrad Campaign
Defence of Soviet Transatlantic 30/7/2013 Awarded the Defence of Soviet Transatlantic Medal for participating in the Murmansk Campaign