"Virtute Siderum Tenus"
Wing Commander Bear
Italian Wings USSR Wings
British Empire Medal The Royal Red Cross Member of the British Empire Africa Star Order of the British Empire
Service Record
Pilot Officer 8/5/2000 Accepted as Pilot Officer
Flight Lieutenant 26/10/2000 Promoted to Flight Lieutenant for efforts for the EAF
Squadron Leader 27/11/2000 Promoted to Squadron Leader of the newly formed 51° Stormo
British Empire Medal 18/9/2002 Awarded the British Empire Medal for excellent service to EAF and leadership of 51 Stormo
USSR Wings 7/11/2002 Award USSR Pilot Wings for participating in VEF
Wing Commander 25/7/2003 Promoted to Wing Commander over 51° Stormo wing
The Royal Red Cross 25/7/2004 Awarded the Royal Red Cross Medal for repeatedly helping friends in trouble during Operation Union Jack
M.B.E 8/5/2005 Awarded M.B.E for 5 years of duty
Africa Star 1/7/2010 Awarded Africa Star for participating in Libya and/or CentMed SEOW
13/8/2012 Made X/O of EAF
Order of the British Empire 24/12/2012 Awarded O.B.E for 10 years of duty