"For Norge"
Group Captain Mikke
RAF Wings USSR Wings Red Star Patriotic War Hero Soviet Union
Air Force Cross Order of the Bath Air Force Medal Distinguished Flying Cross Distinguished Flying Medal
Distinguished Service Order Member of the British Empire Africa Star Order of the British Empire
Service Record
Pilot Officer 16/10/1999 Joined the European Air Force as Pilot Officer
afc 7/1/2000 Awarded Air Force Cross for 5 kills in one career
Order of the Bath 12/1/2000 Awarded Order of the Bath Kill ratio of 5 to 1 or better in one life after 10 missions
Air Force Medal 22/1/2000 Awarded the Air Force Medal for 25 kills total
Distinguished Flying Cross 26/1/2000 Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for 25 kills in one carreer
Distinguished Flying Medal 7/5/2000 Awarded Distinguished Flying Medal for 50 kills total
Training Officer 9/5/2000 Assigned as Training Officer
Flying Officer 13/5/2000 Promoted to Flying Officer
Distinguished Service Order 27/6/2000 Awarded Distinguished Service Order for 50 kills in one carreer
Flight Lieutenant 12/7/2000 Promoted to Flight Lieutenant
Squadron Leader 1/12/2000 Promoted to Squadron Leader
Group Captain 5/11/2001 Promoted to G/C and take over as C.O. after Serval
USSR Wings 5/11/2002 Awarded Soviet Wings for participating in VEF
Red Star 4/1/2003 Awarded Red Star for getting 10 ground kills in VEF (same life)
Hero Soviet Union 5/5/2004 Awarded Hero Soviet Union for getting 10 kills in VEF (same life)
Patriotic War 5/5/2004 Awarded Patriotic War medal for staying alive in 10 VEF missions (same life)
Order of the British Empire 16/10/2004 Awarded M.B.E for 5 years of duty
Africa Star 1/7/2010 Awarded Africa Star for participating in Libya or CentMed SEOW
Order of the British Empire 24/12/2012 Awarded O.B.E for 10 years of duty